DIY All-Natural Foaming Hand Soap

Who loves foaming hand soap? ME, ME, ME!!! The only downside are all the chemicals in the national brands, and high cost for natural brands.  Then I found out just how easy it is to make at home.

Enjoy this All Natural version, that’s family friendly, and great for gifting.  Plus, it’s budget friendly.  I purchase my Dr. Bronner’s through Frontier, directly.  But it’s available at local health stores, and national chains all over.

DIY Natural Foaming Hand Soap  |

Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

  • 1/3 Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castille Soap (My favorites are Peppermint or Lavender)
  • 2/3 Water
  • 7-10 drops Essential Oil (for Peppermint Hand soap, I add lavender oil for healthy skin support)
  • Pour in to up-cycled foaming pump bottle. Shake gently, and set sink-side for use.

Tips: If you feel the mix is too soapy, just add a little water up to 3/4 of the dilution rate.  Also, if you don’t have a foaming bottle at home to re-use, you can now get foaming soap adapter lids for your mason jars at national retail stores (and online). I found mine at my local Hobby Lobby and Meijer.

DIY Hand Sanitizer

I hope your Valentine’s Day is off to a great start, like ours. We opted to celebrate out yesterday, and sit this one in to enjoy a family day in the comforts of home.

Winter is still in full swing around this neck of the windy suburbs.  So when we are out, I always like to have a little extra protection on hand. If you are anything like me, you’ve probably noticed that the costs for all these little things are really adding up these days.  So I’ve tried to make an effort to help out by making my own household products, wherever I can.  In addition, this is just one more area where I can limit what chemicals I’m exposing my family to.
Hand Sanitizer |
After searching through, and trying a number of DIY hand sanitizer recipes on Pinterest, I finally came up with my own blend, that really seems to fit the consistency, and absorbency, I was looking for.  I use it before and after touching grocery carts, doors or other questionable surfaces. There are two options, depending on if you like a gel consistency or more fast absorbing, liquid.  Here’s the recipe:

8oz Aloe Vera Gel (or Aloe Juice.  Either can be found at your local natural foods store)
1tsp Witch Hazel
10 drops Thieves Essential Oil
5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
Four-2oz travel bottles with snap tops, or Two-4oz pump bottles.

Mix Witch Hazel and essential Oils in bowl, until suspended. Add Aloe Gel, and blend well. Pour in to four-2oz travel containers or two-4oz pump bottles.

I like to keep one at my sink (4oz), one in my purse (2oz), and in the boys’ travel pack (2oz).

If you are interested in purchasing the oils used in this recipe, or finding out more about Young Living Essential Oil Products, feel free to contact me through my email below.

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Hall of Fame: Favorites Outside of the Premium Starter Kit

Here’s a common question:
I love my premium starter kit, but I need a little something more for ___, what do you suggest?

Don’t be overwhelmed by all of the choices. I always recommend that when purchasing your kit, you consider buying (or maybe blessed with) an Everyday Oil Pocket or Desk Reference Guide. This will help you narrow down options that are ideal for your family’s health needs.

In addition, a second, powerful resource tool to have at your fingertips is . This website will help you research specific needs, and read about solutions that have worked for others and why.

Armed with these resource tools, you can begin taking a proactive and informed approach to your essential oil purchasing. (For pregnant mothers, and those with young children I also recommend the Gentle Babies reference guide book).

With that, there are some very common essential oils that many Young Living Essential Oil users like to keep on hand. Attached is a document highlighting those oils. Over the week, I will share recipes and uses for these oils. In the meantime, feel free to message me, or post below with your questions.

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